VA Los Angeles Re-Roof Project

Location: Los Angeles, California
Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
Contract Value: $5,969,811

AEC was awarded this large, competitively bid federal contract for the Department of Veterans Affairs to replace the roof of the VA Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. This has been our largest federal contract to date. The original project specifications called to replace four (4) podium roof surfaces and four (4) tower roof, as well as the installation of all-new photovoltaic (solar) panels.

Strict coordination and management were critical to ensure the actively, 24-hour hospital facility operations were in no way hindered or adversely affected by site operations. Strong mitigation techniques included stringent fume controls managed by covering the atriums on the roof, in order to prevent any fumes from entering the HVAC intakes. Additionally we implemented severe dust control measures for the protection of all people nearby, especially patients. Further aspects of the project included extensive health and safety measures, rigging and work from heights, and management of second- and third-tier subcontractors.

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