Location: Portland, Oregon
Client: Confidential Oil Company
Contract Value: $836,000

The main scope of work on this project was to perform asbestos abatement in select areas followed by complete demolition of 36 Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) ranging from 3,000 to 80,000 barrels in size. Prior to the actual demolition field work, AEC obtained the demolition permit, developed a demolition plan, performed a pre-demolition survey of the piping and opened the tanks for ventilation. Demolition was performed using mechanical demolition methods primarily excavators with shears. Ancillary work involved with the project included erosion control measures, removing several hundred feet of aboveground and underground piping, demolishing two bulk truck loading racks, and performing final site grading. During the course of the project, 720 tons of petroleum contaminated soil was excavated, loaded and hauled offsite for disposal. Almost 100% of this project was funded by recycling steel from the tanks. This helped ensure lower impact to the environment and significant cost savings to the owners.

Merlo Fuel/Wash & Lift Station Tank Installation
SVE System Installation