Location: Gaston, Oregon
Client: Confidential Pulp and Paper Manufacturer
Contract Value: $113,800

Our client chose AEC to perform this selective demolition project within a hard board mill in Gaston, Oregon. The structure to be demolished was connected to another structure that was to remain in place which required careful, precision demolition techniques to protect the remaining structure. AEC first obtained the necessary demolition permit and isolated the work zone which was inside of the existing property boundary fencing.  We performed a thorough safety inspection of the current conditions and existing materials to ensure a safe demolition project.  The primary scope of work was to demolish and properly dispose of a 53’ x 6” x 100’ concrete and metal building and another 33’ x 8” x 116’ wood building.  Demolition debris, i.e. roofing material and wood was sized, stockpiled, hauled and disposed at an approved recycle facility or landfill, depending on the nature of the material.  AEC also demolished and crushed all the concrete footings, pillar, slabs that existed within the larger building to 3” minus.

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