Port of Ridgefield Yards Remedial Action

Location: Ridgefield, Washington
Client: Port of Ridgefield
Contract Value: $1,927,944

AEC was contracted by the Port of Ridgefield and worked alongside their Design Engineer, out of Vancouver, WA to remove dioxin contaminated soil from residential yards in and around the former Pacific Wood Treatment facility in Ridgefield, WA.

The initial scope involved the remedial excavation, tree removal, import of clean topsoil and backfill, landscape restoration, cedar fence installation, and maintenance on 27 properties. The Port subsequently added six (6) additional properties to our scope during the performance of the work.

The project commenced with the survey of the associated properties. Next, crews took inventory to account for any pre-existing conditions. It was critical that we performed locates and closely monitored utilities before clearing, grubbing and tree removal efforts. AEC self-performed all residential traffic control necessary to manage the work safely and help keep home owners and community members clear of work areas. Excavation efforts began with the initial properties (up to 5-6 yards at any given time), generally working within one city block before moving onto the next block. During backfill and landscape restoration in these first areas, our crews were able to begin the excavation on the subsequent yards and work simultaneous which proved to be efficient and well received by the client. Some of the restoration activities also included sidewalk and driveway replacements, and crews also installed over 3,150 lineal feet of cedar plank fencing at varying heights.

In all, we imported over 6,000 tons of gravel and topsoil material. We direct loaded and disposed of approximately 5,400 tons of dioxin-impacted soil, which was taken to the Wasco County Landfill. Removed trees and brush were sent to a local recycling and composting facility.

Our team had their work cut out for them in the careful coordination and communication between the many stakeholders: AEC crews, the Port of Ridgefield, the Design Engineer, multiple property owners, and the Washington State Department of Ecology. Constant communication and weekly meetings took place to ensure a successful and clean project, and happy homeowners.

The Port has been so pleased with AEC’s outstanding work that they have already prepared to contract us for eight (8) additional properties and a substantial right-of-way, slated for the spring of 2017!

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