Location: Ridgefield, Washington
Client: Port of Ridgefield
Contract Value: $497,891

This project was performed for the Port of Ridgefield and consisted of asbestos abatement, demolition of a 24,320 square foot multi-story warehouse building, and remedial excavation of approximately 10,000 cubic yards of soil from six separate areas on the site. The demolition work included demolition of stormwater piping and structures, concrete slabs, and Building 7 in its entirety which contained ACM and lead based paint. AEC used standard mechanical demolition means to perform the demolition work and paid close attention to dust and noise control given the site’s proximity to neighboring properties and public use areas. For the remediation portion of the contract, AEC first removed overburden soil and stockpiled it onsite for use as clean backfill. All contaminated soils removed from the hot spots onsite were stockpiled or direct loaded and hauled to Waste Management’s Arlington Subtitle C landfill as Hazardous Waste. The excavations were backfilled to 92% compaction and graded to match the previous topography. AEC completed this project on time & within budget utilizing 90% of its own forces.

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