Location: Portland, Oregon
Client: Confidential Engineering and Consulting Firm
Contract Value: $532,489

The Oregon Air National Guard hired a specialized consulting and engineering firm to manage the design and construction of a ground products dispensing facility. The engineer then secured AEC as its primary contractor responsible for performing nearly 90% of the work. AEC and the Engineer carried out the complete design and construction of two dispensing islands each w/ a single, dual-fueling dispenser cabinet and associated piping work. The OR Air National Guide essentially provided the team with a drawing and AEC with a hand sketched drawing of where they wanted the fuel system to be located and asked AEC to propose on the final design and installation. AEC developed the design, approach, suppliers, means, methods to the fuel system as well as the design of the electrical components and monitoring system. Field work began with excavating ditches and digging locations for where the dispensers and islands were to be located. AEC had to reconfigure the slab grade and slopes to ensure the system would be sufficient and that storm water runoff was capture properly. We then performed the installation of 300 ft. of aboveground AST piping and 400 ft. of underground UST piping followed by installation of the canopy structure including all footings and columns. Final site restoration efforts included placement of asphalt, installation of drainage structures, and hydro seeding.

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