Location: Everett, Washington
Client: City of Everett
Contract Value: $1,730,000

The purpose of this project was to abate and demolish several mill structures and perform soil removal activities to address PAH, PCP, and PCB contamination at the site. The ultimate goal was to eliminate the potential for contaminants to enter the adjacent Snohomish River. This work was performed under the Washington State Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA). Pre construction activities involved developing a demolition work plan, an excavation work plan, and a waste management plan while also obtaining the appropriate demolition and grading permits. After preparing the site and installing temporary erosion and sediment control features, AEC began demolishing the large steel building, including building foundations, footings, and associated utility connections using standard, mechanical demolition methods. There was also 4 other miscellaneous wood and concrete structures that were demolished under this contract. Lead and asbestos abatement was performed by a third party subcontractor before the buildings were demolished. Once buildings were safely demolished and all debris was removed from the footprint, we began removing 3,000 cy of overburden followed by excavation and stockpiling 20,400 tons of impacted soil with large excavators and loaders. Demolition debris and excavated soils were segregated, stockpiled and tested in preparation for load out, transportation, and disposal at a Subtitle D Landfill. Clean backfill was brought on site and the excavation area was backfilled in 18 inch lifts, compacted, and graded. The contract also required the collection and treatment of contaminated groundwater to remove settable soils and separate-phase oil.  We performed extensive dewatering efforts through the installation of wells, sumps, pumps, piping, treatment equipment, and temporary storage to operate the system. AEC managed to recycle and salvage building material from the demolition which provided cost savings to the owner.

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