Hard Board Plant Demolition

Location: Grants Pass, Oregon
Client: Pulp and Paper Manufacturer
Contract Value: $550,000

The client selected AEC to perform demolition and remediation services at a former plywood mill located in Grants Pass, Oregon. The project scope included abatement of asbestos, lead, PCBs and mercury followed by demolition of several mill structures.

Prior to demolition, AEC obtained proper permits and developed a demolition plan that was approved by the owner and engineer. Two large boilers impacted by hazardous materials were removed and transported to an approved disposal facility. Existing aboveground and underground storage tanks were cleaned, removed and disposed of. The 140,000 square foot mill, associated foundations and footings, utility connections and adjacent out buildings were demolished using mechanical means. All demolition debris was sized, segregated and stockpiled in preparation for disposal at an approved landfill. More than 8,000 cubic yards of concrete was excavated, stockpiled then crushed for use on-site.

Remediation work associated with the project included removal of sludge from the South Property Line Drainage Ditch area (approximately 3 ft in depth by 300 ft in length) and restoration of the ditch. There were also 100 tons of impacted sub-surface soils in the UST area which required excavated, loading, and transportation to the appropriate disposal facility.

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