Location: Tokeland, Washington
Client: Confidential Indian Tribe
Contract Value: $872,000

AEC was selected by the Confidential Indian Tribe to perform several phases of this project with the goal of constructing a retail service station and convenience store. The first phase of work was primarily site development and preparation. AEC constructed a storm water treatment system including a storm pond and storm vaults. During excavation and installation of the tanks, AEC was required to install a sheep pile wall due to heavy tidal waters. Subsequent dewatering was necessary to keep the dig dry and manageable so we dewatered using 52 well points and pumped water out of the excavation to the above ground storm water pond. We also installed storm filter, a septic tank, oil / water separator, and a 2,000 gallon grease tank. The next phase was related to fuel system installation. The scope consisted of the installation of 2 x 20,000 gallon UST’s, with associated piping, plus the installation of a 3,570 SF fuel canopy and footings. Canopy downspouts were connected to the site storm water system. We were also responsible for coordinating the testing and inspection of the system. Our final phase of work was related to electrical and concrete work associated with the site. Through a subcontractor, the team installed conduit and pull boxes and all electrical works within the retail store and the petroleum equipment. Finally we constructed the dispenser island and fuel tank lid. This required careful excavation, grading, compaction and finish concrete work.

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