Drainage Access Road Repairs

Location: Alderdale, WA
Client: Confidential Electrical Utility Corporation
Contract Value: $438,003

This project was awarded to AEC following an invitation to bid from a confidential electricity supplier and included the restoration and improvement of an existing road, culvert installation, and ditch construction near State Highway 14 in Alderdale, WA.

The contract began by improving the road surfaces in order to gain access to the culvert installation sites. Crews placed rock as required to supplement the existing rock surface, as directed by BPA. Next, we prepared the subgrade of the culvert installation areas and filled with select borrow in order to achieve pipe bedding subgrade. Then AEC installed the selected culverts per the project plans and specifications, and backfilled and compacted to the road subgrade to complete surfacing. Riprap splash pads were then installed in the predetermined locations in order to disperse storm water energy and minimize potential future erosion. Crews cleaned and rebuilt the ditch profile per plans and utilized spoils for backfill in the culvert installation. Next, we constructed waterbars and drain dips following the completion of all hauling activities, and as part of the final roadway finish. Boulders were installed at the final road segment for decommissioning. Finally, AEC finished the scope of work with final compaction and stabilization of the disturbed areas and demobilization from site.

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