Location: Portland, Oregon
Client: Port of Portland
Contract Value: $900,000

AEC was retained by the Port of Portland to provide demolition and remediation services on Phase I of this airport improvement project. The primary goal of the Phase 1 work was to decommission and remove an existing underground storage tank (UST) and oil/water separator system and install a new 12,000 gallon above ground fuel storage tank and oil/water separator at a different location on site. In order to do that, AEC had to first demolish five (5) aircraft hangars made primarily of steel and wood. Prior to building demolition the existing electrical and communication utilities were relocated. We then used 320 excavators with bucket and thumb attachments to strip the metal off of the hangar support structure and segregate and stockpile the materials for salvage and/or disposal. The hangar foundations were removed, backfilled, and covered with asphalt. All of the steel was recycled and the wood debris from the demolition was sent to Wood Waste Management recycling center. To decommission the existing UST, AEC disconnected all power sources, pumped remaining product from the tank and triple rinsed it, excavated soil from above and along the sides of the dig area, and ventilated the UST with an air inductor funnel lowering system to the appropriate Lower Explosive Level (LEL). Once the tank was removed from the area, the LEL was checked again and once deemed clean, it was labeled and transported offsite to a scrap metal facility. This project required careful scheduling and project management as work was performed in a sensitive and highly secured location.

Sunnyside SVE System Installation
Tacoma SVE System Installation