Location: Longview, Washington
Client: Cowlitz County Indian Tribe
Contract Value: $110,229

This creek restoration project was performed within Abernathy Creek in Cowlitz County, WA. The work was being conducted by the Cowlitz Indian Tribe Natural Resources Department in an effort to improve salmon habitat. It was critical that the work be performed within the creek’s in-water work window which was August 1st – September 15, 2015. AEC’s scope of work included excavation activities and placement of large wood habitat structures. Our crews first developed site access, established erosion control measures, tree salvage, and fish exclusion. Next, we supplied and installed rootwards, boulders, and large wood structures including logs, ballast, cable clips, and epoxy, and finally we replanted disturbed areas with seed.

Everett Sawmill Demolition
Fuel Facility Construction