It’s Getting Hot Out There!

The weather is starting to heat up and with warmer weather comes increased risk of heat-related illness. When working or playing outdoors this summer, be sure to remain aware of heat-related illness risk factors such as: high temperatures and humidity, direct sun exposure, no breeze or wind conditions, low liquid intake, and heavy physical labor and activity.

AEC Health & Safety Director Matt Durbin says:

“Fatigue, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke are a major health and safety concern as the outside temperature begins to rise. While working in hot or humid conditions, and especially when performing heavy physical labor tasks, it is critical that our team stays hydrated and take breaks from the heat. We strongly encourage all employees to keep a watchful eye on each other’s condition, and look out for the signs and symptoms of heat related illness in yourself and those around you.”

There are two primary types of heat-related illness, Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke.  Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke are dangerous medical conditions which can be controlled if you can identify the symptoms:

AEC suggests taking the following steps to lower your risk of heat-related illness this season:

  • Easy Does It – It takes time to adjust to the heat; don’t overexert yourself.
  • Drink Extra Water – You should drink 16 oz of water per hour when the temperature rises above 90°F.
  • Avoid Beverages Containing Caffeine – Caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic, which causes your body to lose water and increases your heart rate!
  • Rest in the Shade – During breaks and lunch times, find a cool and shaded area to in which to rest.

Remember, we’re a team out there! When it gets hot, make sure to check in with those around you regularly to ensure that we all stay safe! If you recognize the signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke it is critical to act quickly. You should attempt to cool and hydrate the person immediately, and call 9-1-1 if they are unresponsive or incoherent.

Crews Finish Portland Slurry Wall Project On Time Despite Rainy December

Despite working through one of Portland’s rainiest winters to date, AEC crews successfully completed the capping of a large slurry wall along Portland’s Willamette River.

The Owner and Engineer designed an approximate 16,000 vertical square ft. soil bentonite slurry wall to be installed along the western most side of the property in an effort to alleviate potentially contaminated groundwater from entering the river.  We were proud to partner with DeWind One-Pass Trenching, LLC. whose unique technology for barrier wall installation proved to be the best method for this project given its ability to substantially decrease the overall project schedule and install the wall more efficiently near the shoreline.

The overall scope of the project called for DeWind to construct a 553 ft. long groundwater barrier wall of bentonite clay material utilizing their proprietary “mix-in-place” method. As DeWind’s subcontractor, AEC provided local resources and construction support activities including installation of erosion and sediment controls, site surveying, excavation of contaminated material, collecting, hauling and disposing of liquids, debris and spoils off site, installation of the groundwater barrier wall cap, and the decommissioning and abandonment of six monitoring wells.

After installation of the wall, AEC installed a 6 in. deep x 10 ft. wide surface of dense graded aggregate (DGA) over a 5 ft. wide x 2 ft. deep clay cap. Due to record-breaking rainfall in December and the resulting saturated soil conditions, AEC proposed an alternate cap process of installing DGA a full 2.5 ft in depth, underlain by HDPE geomembrane and geotextile material to better protect the groundwater barrier wall.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the crew for doing such a terrific job.

Welcome to our New Website!

Notice something different around here? That’s right, we’ve given our website a bit of a facelift— We are pleased to unveil our new online look with a sleeker, more modern design, better photos, more detailed information on our company, and a clear way of showcasing the services and project experience that has made us one of the Northwest most preferred remediation and demolition contractors!

Be sure to check out our new Meet the Team page and get to know the members of our exceptional management staff.   Or, if you are looking for future employment with a great firm, click on our Employment Opportunities page to view open positions and submit your resume.

We hope you enjoy the new site!

AEC is proud to announce recent promotions!

When your employees are as good as ours, they just keep moving up!  AEC is proud to announce the recent promotions of Mr. David Walker and Ms. Katrina Henderson.

David was promoted to Operations Manager this fall after 10 years of exceptional performance as an AEC Project Manager. He will be responsible for developing companywide initiatives that improve our operational performance and making executive level decisions related to bidding and estimating, resource allocation, contract negotiations, risk management, work approach strategy, and field implementation.

“I have complete faith and confidence in David’s ability to help me guide the ship from this point forward,” said AEC Owner, Steve Anderson.

Katrina has spent the last year as a Project Manager’s Assistant and her dedication and success in that role has made her well qualified to take on more advanced responsibilities related to proposals, marketing, and sales functions.  She will primarily be supporting the Business Development team in developing detailed qualification statements and proposal responses and working alongside operations staff to assist in development of technical documents, work plans, and project submittals.

Congratulations David and Katrina!